A truly delightful accessory piece for any

interior style. This clock is non-working. The clock is available in 2 authentic finishes. Gently aged for the most realistic effect in either Walnut or Cherry.

The elegant and sophisticated Tall Clock is one of the most recognizable Shaker images. Shakers were fond of them and they could be found in all Shaker communities. They took many forms but this one was made by the foremost clock designer/builder Brother Benjamin Youngs in 1806 at the village of Water Vliet, (later changed to Mount Lebanon) where it still rests. Trained by his famous father Seth in clock making before he became a Shaker, he continued to make clocks until his death in 1818. 
1-1/2” wide x 6-1/2” high x 7/8” deep.

Only $195 each

Walnut Finish

Cherry Finish