This splendid miniature workbench attests to the care that Shaker artisans put
into everything they made. Various species of hard wood were used to meet the
demands of use. This bench was made for both left-handed and right-handed
users and features two vises of different size. Every drawer is a different size for
some unknown practical reason, and it is thought to have been made in either
Hancock, Mass. or Enfield, Conn. This piece is currently an entry marker in the
Fruitlands Museum in Harvard, Massachusetts. Yes, the vises actually work and
every drawer is shoulder jointed. A perfect center piece for the doll house workroom. Expect 60 – 90 day delivery. This bench works beautifully with our antique hand tools.

Made in solid Cherry, Walnut and Basswood.
8″ x 2 3/4″ x 2 1/2″



Washed Blue-Green Finish 23B

2 ¼” high x 3″ deep
This item is now available by custom order only. Specify the length you want via separate email.
Maximum length is 7-1/4″ – minimum length is 5-1/2″


This is a traditional workbench built and used by the Shakers at the New Lebanon, NY village during the late 1800’s but common in any cabinet makers shop from the mid 1800’s until today. Just a great basic 19th century workbench with cabinet space as well as drawers. The bench features a solid cherry top with Walnut trim and two working vises, dust covers on all drawers and a moveable sliding jack. Suggested from several originals of different sizes. The vise’s? Of course, they are functional.

This is a flagship piece and perfect in every detail. It features a well used finish and is available in natural or washed green paint.