Superb miniature antique radio reproductions for doll house or stand alone enjoyment.
Completely hand built in the same tradition as my miniature antique Shaker Furniture
in 1 inch International Doll House scale.
These are limited editions signed, numbered and hand made completely by the artist. They are perfect miniature antique radio reproductions in 1/12 scale of two classic olde radios, perfect for the eclectic interior, attic storage, antique museum or as a stand alone conversation piece. Veneered in perfect scale with fine grain detail in the original wood grains and burls in the quality you have come to expect from Dr. Ken and Shaker Works West.

Immediate delivery generally available.


Miniature 1940 Zenith Floor Model Console Radio
2 1/2″ wide x 1 5/8″ deep x 3 1/2″ x high




Once again available in an actual working version. New technology makes the sound even better than the original edition. Connects automatically to any Bluetooth device such as an iPhone.

No wires or complicated set up. It’s a real kick. No batteries but does require occasional charging, USB cable included.




#116 Miniature 1935 Perri RCA Model 128 Tombstone Radio
1 3/8 ” wide x 1″ deep x 1 3/4″ high


Not available in a working version