#124 Globes – Shaker Works West by Ken Byers

#124 Globes


Martin Behaim’s Terrestrial Globe 1492


Holbein’s Terrestrial Globe 1533


Cassini’s Celestial Globe 1792


Merzbach & Falk’s Terrestrial Globe 1881


These outstanding miniature Library Globes are beautifully detailed in every aspect. The 12 gore sinusoidal projections are printed by the world renowned Greaves & Thomas globe makers in England and painstakingly hand cut and lovingly applied by Ken, then set in an authentically designed base. Globe collectors are a unique sub-culture, as are miniatures, and these four maps are treasured by the most knowledgeable of them. Full descriptions are included with each globe. The authentic Zodiac icons are cast in brass, hand fitted and recessed into the ring.

(Base finishes may vary from these photo’s.)  2-3/4” high x 2″ diameter. This is a Limited Edition series.